Coffee Export

Paul Ries is exporter of Ethiopian coffee since 1885, and is also one of the founding members of Ethiopian coffee exporters` association. At the beginning Paul Ries was only engaged in export of sundried coffee but in the early 90`s has invested in a new washed coffee peeling and grading machineries. This department, to meet with the European coffee purchasers` request, with coffee cupping and grading laboratory section.

Paul Ries Plant Capacity:

In order to increase the quality and quantity of exportable coffee relatively full mechanized technology was employed for cleaning of both washed and sundried coffees:

For cleaning sundried coffee, important elements of coffee cleaning and grading machineries such as:

  • Pre-cleaner: which rejects some light and broken beans together with the impurities before intering the processing chain.
  • Grader: Grades coffee up to 8 different sizes, it is a latest technology from Brazil P1-4 model of PINHALENSE.
  • Gravity Separator: which separates beans according to their weight.
  • Catador: Which deliver three grades, heavy, medium and light beans Daily processing capacity of 1200 kgs.