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The Company Paul Ries & Sons started operations in Aden in Yemen in 1865 and operations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1885. The Company was active in exporting Ethiopian coffee, hides/skins and bewax up-to the Italian Invasion.

From 1947 the company was re-established in Addis Ababa by Mr. Bernard J Ries.

Since the 1950’s Paul Ries & Sons (Ethiopia) Ltd., has been one of the prominent business enterprises in the country contributing to the development of Ethiopia. PRS was the first to introduce in the country: General Motors, Opel, Telefunken, Olympia, Procter & Gamble, Guigoz, Galia, D.M.C , to mention few of them.

In 1959, the owners decided to restructure all their companies in Middle-East and Africa under the financial umbrella of an holding company named Near East Financial Company (N.E.F.C.) with a branch office in Geneva and Dubai.

In 1961, Paul Ries & Sons opened the Engineering and Import/Export departments. This Departments grew very fast to stand on its own feet and Paul Ries & Sons (Ethiopia) Ltd., created its first sister company under the name of "Ries Engineering Share Company"

In 1973 a second sister company, "Nyala Motors Share Company" was established. Nyala Motors S.C. deals with NISSAN Motors Vehicles and Nissan UD Trucks.

Today Paul Ries & Sons are representing the following products in Ethiopia:

  • Since 1960 - Peugeot passenger cars.
  • Since 1999 - Tata commercial vehicles.

Paul Ries is exporter of Ethiopian Coffee since 1885 and also one of the founding members of Ethiopian Coffee exporters association.

The company is employing around 150 employees and having it’s main facility in Piassa in Addis Ababa, with representations also in Awassa and Mekelle.

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