Enjoy life to the fullest in the All-New Peugeot 2008 SUV. A vehicle with an identifiable, strong and elegant design. The 2008 is both compact and spacious, making adventures with family and friends as accessible as your daily commute. Discover a unique driving experience at the wheel of this safe and stimulating SUV.

The 2008 reinvents the standards of large volume vehicles in the small car segment. Innovative from first glance, it successfully merges the worlds of a dynamic hatch with the size, convenience and increased ground clearance of a small SUV.

The 2008 adopts an innovative interior architecture that makes driving intuitive. Sitting comfortably, you’ll discover natural ergonomics with a focus on safety. A smaller steering wheel lets you respond to whatever is happening on the road in a flash. And looking over the steering wheel to the eye level instrument panel, there’s no need to look away from the traffic when you’re on the road. These are just a couple of the touches designed to make driving the 2008 more intuitive.